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Sent by Php on 27 March 2006 17:05

I sent a message on Friday regarding a problem I'm having on one of my pages.  The problem is that I
have two DIVs that I am trying to place side by side by floating them.  This works great so far. 
The problem is that each div has a form and a select element in it.  This still works. Where it
fails is when I add the options to the element to the left div's select element.  When that happens,
the right most div wraps to the next page.  It does not appear to be a problem with width problem. 
I know my page has some non-standard pages and unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about
that now.  However, everything works find unless I add the options to the select element.  Does
anyone know what the deal is?  This only happens in FireFox. The page renders great in IE 6.

The site is at
and the css is at

Any help or insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Robbert van Andel
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