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3 Column fluid and equal layout

Sent by Thierry Koblentz on 27 March 2006 17:05

Kenoli Oleari wrote:
> Can someone point me to some CSS code that works in IE Windows (along
> with other browsers) for creating a three column fluid and equal
> height layout where columns all adjust to the same length based on
> the one with the longest content and adjust fluidly with the browser
> window in the horizontal direction?  I'd rather have real "columns"
> than the "faut" layout using background colors.
> I know there has been reference here to this in the past.  I have
> some code that works in everything except IE Windows and know I have
> seen some code that works there also but can't find it.

This layout has good browsers support: </plug>
Not using faux-columns is kind of "off-topic", but this may help you:

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