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3 Column fluid and equal layout

Sent by Kenoli Oleari on 27 March 2006 16:04

Can someone point me to some CSS code that works in IE Windows (along  
with other browsers) for creating a three column fluid and equal  
height layout where columns all adjust to the same length based on  
the one with the longest content and adjust fluidly with the browser  
window in the horizontal direction?  I'd rather have real "columns"  
than the "faut" layout using background colors.

I know there has been reference here to this in the past.  I have  
some code that works in everything except IE Windows and know I have  
seen some code that works there also but can't find it.

I'd prefer something that can accommodate header and  footer divs  
that span all three columns as well.

It is so easy to be tempted back to tables when this is required and  
I don't want to do this.

An additional question.  Is there some way to get a dive to shrink  
fluidly to a size smaller that an image in the div?



Kenoli Oleari
Neighborhood Assemblies Network

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