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What difference a word makes

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 27 March 2006 15:03

Skip wrote:

> This appears to be an exotic HTML issue, but I strongly 
> suspect it's related to CSS, so I'm posting the question here.
> This problem only appears in IE (tested in 6) and not in 
> Firefox. It was sent to me by a client who can't figure out 
> why the content area is popping out below the left menu. Oh, 
> that's an easy one, right?
> Here's a copy of the page:

> The problem resides in line 96. It's just a plain paragraph 
> with an italicized phrase. Comment the paragraph out and the 
> page works fine. But it's even weirder. The *specific* 
> problem is in the phrase:
> "Your Guide to College Success."

> I hereby consult the Collective Wisdom.


It appears to be the not so exotic IE Italic bug [0].

IE does weird stuff with italic text and its overflowing the width of
the container, causing the container to drop.


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