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What difference a word makes

Sent by Skip Knox on 27 March 2006 15:03

This appears to be an exotic HTML issue, but I strongly suspect it's related to CSS, so I'm posting
the question here.

This problem only appears in IE (tested in 6) and not in Firefox. It was sent to me by a client who
can't figure out why the content area is popping out below the left menu. Oh, that's an easy one,

Here's a copy of the page: 

Look at it in IE6 and you'll see the problem right away. This page is a clone of all the rest of the
pages at the site, all of which work fine. No the page doesn't validate and stuff, but just let that

The problem resides in line 96. It's just a plain paragraph with an italicized phrase. Comment the
paragraph out and the page works fine. But it's even weirder. The *specific* problem is in the
"Your Guide to College Success."

Add any string between "to" and "College" and the page works!

It has to be a letter; a non-breaking space doesn't do the trick. I can kludge it by doing a span in
white and inserting a single letter, but I'd sure like to know what the heck is going on here!

I hereby consult the Collective Wisdom.

Skip Knox
Boise State University

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