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Long time reader, first time poster ; having 2 problems

Sent by Frédéric_Trudeau on 27 March 2006 14:02

Greetings list !

I'll make it short.

Basically, is my
first attempt to create the CSS after building the logical HTML structure.

I am having 2 problems (yet) that I cannot figure out :

- No matter what I try, the left-most DIV (#content-body-actualites) doest
not stretch up to 100% of the viewport ;
- No matter what I try, I can't seam to be able to position the footer
(#content-footer) at the bottom of the document.

Here is the CSS :

Help very much needed and welcome :)


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T. 514.381.3655 | C. 514.773.2577 

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