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Duplicate Content, Form Width Madness

Sent by Bob Easton on 27 March 2006 13:01

Ingo Chao wrote:
> Rahul Gonsalves wrote:
>> I'm absolutely flummoxed by what IE is doing to this page:
>> ...
>> The client wants this site up fairly soon, so if someone could look 
>> through it and send me a reply, I would be extremely grateful.
> I think IE is somewhat irritated by the missing
> </form>
> Ingo
Yes, looks like Ingo got it right.

While looking at the problem, I noticed another problem.  Your class 
"accessibility" is set to display:none.  That is *not* a good technique. 
  It hides content from screen readers, the people who need it most.

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Bob Easton
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