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IE column width problem

Sent by Mike Davies on 27 March 2006 12:12

I have a website which has been live for some time and which the
client's designer now wishes to change by adding a new left-hand column.

The original site is
The new page is

The original layout has a column ('sidebar') floated right with the main
content in 'maincol' inside 'container' which is floated left.

The new layout has added 'infobar' inside 'container' and floated left
with a left margin on 'maincol' to make space for it. This works in
Opera and Firefox but in IE 'maincol' is displaced below 'infobar'.

Can anyone suggest how to solve this. Any help appreciated.

Mike Davies
Mike Davies
Integra Web Design, Huntly, AB54 4XP
01466 700213

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