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Need CSS Site Tutelage

Sent by Rahul Gonsalves on 27 March 2006 03:03

Randy Anderson wrote:
> Need CSS Site Tutelage please.
> A client wants me to put up a css style site that he created using free bulid your
> own site software. I cannot save files into dreamweaver to rebuild to place on our server..
> I have no luck when I copy code from the site or code from your site with the 3 
> column fluid center. here is link to site I need to move, very simple Im sure but I have no CSS
skills!. ----->
> I need tutaledge to move this, can anyone help, will pay for lesson, how much to talk me through
or if
> you can save files somehow and send me.
> I use DReamwaeaver 8 on PC with
> IE 6.0.2800
> can call at 800-609-8679 or email
> Thank you!
> Randy
To all at CSS-D:

I originally replied to Randys message off-list, however it wanted me to 
jump through various Earthlink hoops to reply. It was too much effort to 
do so (fill in ELink Allow Sender Form, resend message, etc). I'm in a 
bit of a hurry, so I now send the message on-list, as I assume that he 
will see it here.

I apologise for this non-CSS related message; additionally, perhaps on 
the email address that one uses for mailing lists, one could deactivate 
such annoyances?


My original reply follows:

Hi Randy:

Would be happy to help you out for free.

What do you need to do precisely? I'm assuming that you want to download 
all the files from the site, and then work on them on your local machine?

I've used this program called HTTracker, which is available as a free 
download. It downloads entire websites - and all linked files - very useful!

The first thing I suggest you do is to get Firefox, which allows you to 
work more efficiently on webpages, as well as making the source-code 
more human-readable. It also has excellent tools for tracking CSS, and 
how the page "fits" together.

This extension, the Web Developer Toolbar has been invaluable to me, 
lets you turn styles off, check the various elements, validate your 
HTML/CSS...the list is too long for this email.

What I have done for you is to download all the files necessary, zipped 
them up, and uploaded them to an FTP server [1]. You can download and 
look through all of this.

Once you unzip the files, what you need to do is to go into Dreamweaver.

Site > New Site

Enter all the details that you need. Then, supposing you have specified 
"E:\Websites\Critters" as your site base, copy all those files to that 

Press Reload on the Sites Panel, and you should see all the files, the 
HTML, CSS and Javascript necessary.

Hope this helps!

Rahul. (From Bangalore, otherwise I'd give you a number to call!)



.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Rahul Gonsalves
Make PNG, not War.
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