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Need CSS Site Tutelage

Sent by Randy Anderson on 26 March 2006 19:07

Need CSS Site Tutelage please.
A client wants me to put up a css style site that he created using free bulid your
own site software. I cannot save files into dreamweaver to rebuild to place on our server..
I have no luck when I copy code from the site or code from your site with the 3 
column fluid center. here is link to site I need to move, very simple Im sure but I have no CSS
skills!. ----->

I need tutaledge to move this, can anyone help, will pay for lesson, how much to talk me through or
you can save files somehow and send me.
I use DReamwaeaver 8 on PC with
IE 6.0.2800

can call at 800-609-8679 or email

Thank you!


Randy Anderson
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