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problem with space between divs ie

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 26 March 2006 14:02

> I am trying to create a box with curves. The problem is ie puts a 
> large gap bewteen divs. What causes this?


IE doesn't understand what an empty div is, so it thinks it has to put a
space inside them - and apply 'line-height' to it. A genuine IE-bug :-)

HTML, add comments:
<div class="curve_top"><!-- --></div>
<div class="curve_middle"></div>
<div class="curve_bottom"><!-- --></div>

....which will make IE understand that those divs are really supposed to
stay empty.

Add this CSS:
..curve_top, .curve_bottom {
   font-size: 1px;
   line-height: 0;
....and delete 'display: inline' on those floating divs since there's no
'margin-doubling bug on floats' bug to compensate for in IE/win.

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