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background images

Sent by francky on 26 March 2006 04:04

david wrote:

>Stuart King wrote:
>>How can I make sure the entire background image is viewed, making the
>>page size the same dimensions as the background image, even if there
>>is little text?
>Hmm, you can't control the size of my browser window ...  ;-) 
Hi David:
No?  =-O   The Bubble-Gum Page! 

>I would think you set min-height and min-width on the body to match your 
>background image dimensions?
Hi Stuart:
It depends of what you call a "page".
In big lines:
Normally, if the background-image is a background image in the body, it 
is always displayed acros the screen, whatever little text there is.
If the bg-img is put in a <div>-container for "page-content" (with the 
text in it), you can give that box the width and height of your image. 
See testpage 
But the height can be tricky - the container has to stretch when there 
is much text, or when the visitor is enlarging the font-size.
With a min-height you can enable not-IE browsers to stretch the 
container in case there is too much text. And then you have the choice 
to repeat the bg-img vertically, or just give a background color for the 
part of the text "under" the image.

But maybe you have a design that is not that simple. Then you can post 
some more information, with a link to a testpage, so we can see what it 
is about.


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