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Does anyone know the diference?

Sent by Felix Miata on 26 March 2006 03:03

On 06/03/25 19:26 Jay Tanna apparently typed:

> Does anyone know the difference between the following two units of 
> measurements:

> 3em

A relative length:
On a computer screen, this will always be the larger of the two.

> 3pt

An absolute length:

> This is normally used in setting margins.  I just want to know which is 
> bigger and is there a simple relation like converting from inches to 
> centimetres etc etc.

You can convert between em and pt only when you know the size of an em.
To get a feel for the meaning of these on a computer screen you might
want to play around here:

Note that on a computer screen, absolute lengths generally only
approximate reality. In those rare instances the system DPI matches the
device DPI then they are accurate. See:

For print styles, go with pt.
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