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Scroller positioning on a page

Sent by Thierry Koblentz on 26 March 2006 03:03

Joanne wrote:
> I am using the GeeWizz scroller from PVII and was hoping someone
> could help me with a problem I'm having with it.
> I just created a brand new page with a main table of 760 pixels wide
> centered in the middle. I put an image 250pixels deep in the top
> merged row (the logo) and two columns underneath. Left one 159px
> wide, right one 611px wide.
> (
> I placed my curser inside the 611px cell and clicked the GeeWizz
> button to insert a new scroller. The new scroller is only 300px wide,
> there's plenty of room for it. I asked for the scroller to be 160px
> from the left and 250px
> from the top.
> This scroller is definately NOT sitting 160px from the edge of the
> table. It's sitting 160px from the left of the screen. I need it to
> sit 160px from the left of the table it's sitting inside. Is this
> possible?

Hi Joanne,
If you want it positionned in relation to the table then put it *inside* the
table and try:
table {position:relative}

Thierry |

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