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Scroller positioning on a page

Sent by Joanne on 26 March 2006 03:03

I am using the GeeWizz scroller from PVII and was hoping someone could help
me with a problem I'm having with it.

I just created a brand new page with a main table of 760 pixels wide 
centered in the middle. I put an image 250pixels deep in the top merged row 
(the logo) and two columns underneath. Left one 159px wide, right one 611px 
wide. (

I placed my curser inside the 611px cell and clicked the GeeWizz button to 
insert a new scroller. The new scroller is only 300px wide, there's plenty 
of room for it. I asked for the scroller to be 160px from the left and 250px

from the top.

This scroller is definately NOT sitting 160px from the edge of the 
table. It's sitting 160px from the left of the screen. I need it to sit 
160px from the left of the table it's sitting inside. Is this possible? 

I'm guessing the code has to be tweaked manually somehow. I'm not 100% sure
if it's a css issue or not, but thought I'd ask just in case. Please reply
off-list if it's not css. 


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