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Does anyone know the diference?

Sent by david on 26 March 2006 03:03

Jay Tanna wrote:
> Does anyone know the difference between the following two units of 
> measurements:
> 3em

Equals 3 widths of an "M" in the selected font at the selected font 
size. Change the font or font size, and the size of the em changes 

> 3pt

3/72" of an inch. An absolute measurement, although its precise size 
when rendered on screen by one browser/OS/display resolution combo may 
not come out exactly the same size as the rendering by a different 
browser/OS/display resolution combo.

> This is normally used in setting margins.  I just want to know which is 
> bigger and is there a simple relation like converting from inches to 
> centimetres etc etc.

Nope. You're working with things displayed on a screen. The screen 
itself may vary in size: I have a 15" monitor here that can run 
1280x1024 resolution, same as a lot of 17" LCD displays. If I measured 3 
pts as displayed on each display, they wouldn't come out to the same 
size on the the display.

Think of the screen as elastic paper. The resolution on a smaller 
display is the starting "paper" size. A larger display at the same 
resolution stretches the "paper" to fit its larger physical size.

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