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Padding or Margin in Firefox

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 26 March 2006 00:12

Joanne wrote:
> I have made the menu with this using PMM from PVII and customized it 
> a little. In IE and Opera, the menu behaves nicely and sits over to 
> the left where it belongs.
> In Firefox though, there's a padding or margin of 40 pixels to the 
> left of the Horizontal menu and I have no idea why.

Firefox has a default padding-left on ul - and so has Opera 9+.
IE has a default margin-left on ul - and so has Opera pre 9.
All are correct, as no standard defines how the default-space on lists
should be achieved.

Solution: zero out both margin-left and padding-left on ul if you want
it to line up tight left across browser-land. Zero out margin-left and
choose a suitable padding-left if you want a uniform space there.

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