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Keep image at bottom of div

Sent by francky on 25 March 2006 20:08

bill scheider wrote:

>What happens if you place the #footer inside the #wrapper, you place the 
>shoes in the #footer with a separate <div id="shoes"> (with the 
>position-properties of the #nav), and make a #footer p { text-align: 
>center; background: black; padding: ... }, without the 80% width?
>Thanks again francky,
>I moved the footer back into the wrapper as you suggested and tweaked the
>position of elements. Again, this seems to display well on the browsers I
>have access to and at various resolutions. Would you take another look?
>Thanks so much,
Hi Bill,
As far as html (valid, 1 warning to use an &amp; instead of a pure &. 
Easy done!) and css (unrecognized /slash-hacks): no big problems.
Visual check in my browsers (see earlier this thread): almost perfect, 2 
things for finetuning to notice:

At a resolution of 1280x1024, and in FF the font enlarged 1 step: 
there's appearing a small line at the bottom of the footer in the colors 
of the #wrapper. See screenshot 
My FF-Webdevelopers CSS-Edit tool says, that a #footer {font-size: 
..7em;} instead of { font-size: 11px; ) will solve this. I suppose no 
harm for IE and others.

And an OffTopic one. The shoes have some rests of copy/paste around (too 
light pixels on some points of the contour). To give the image the same 
quality as the rest of the page, a bit shoe-brush can be applicated. 
Image as is 
and with some shoe-brush 
(7.5 min. PSP)  ;-)

That's it,
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