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Keep image at bottom of div

Sent by francky on 25 March 2006 12:12

bill scheider wrote:

>     francky wrote:
>     [...]
>     A better way can be to place them in the #footer, and give them a
>     negative margin-top. Then they'll stay with both feet on the
>     ground. ;-)
>Wow, francky!
>Thanks lots! That's an interesting solution and one I never would've thought
>of. That works in IE6, FF, Opera 7 and 8 and NS6 all on windows xp. A
>screenshot in Safari looked pretty good, too. Is this hanging together in
>other browsers as well?
Hi Bill,
In general, I guess yes; under Win98SE the same results with IE6 and FF 
and Opera7.45, Opera8.01 and the old NS6.21.
In some cases though the position of the shoes goes wrong, for instance:
    In IE, when a sidebar is turned on; screenshot 
    In FF, when 800x600 resolution and font-size scaled down some steps; 

I think it has to do with the #footer, which is placed outside the 
#wrapper and has it's own rules for the position: 80% width, negative 
margin and so on.
What happens if you place the #footer inside the #wrapper, you place the 
shoes in the #footer with a separate <div id="shoes"> (with the 
position-properties of the #nav), and make a #footer p { text-align: 
center; background: black; padding: ... }, without the 80% width?


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