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Border Problem - Update

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 25 March 2006 08:08

Iorhael wrote:

> This is an update to the border problem I posted about earlier. The 
> borders for the #header and #search divisions for some reason are 
> appearing *at the top of the divisions* rather than containing the 
> content within the division, even though I have them nested in the 
> html.

Add, separately...

#header, #search {overflow: hidden;}
@media screen {
* html #header, * html #search {overflow: visible; height: 0;}

That will make those containers expand to 'contain the content'[1][2].

Also, you may want to add...

#guidescontainer2 {margin-right: -3px;}

....just to save IE/win from its calculation-bugs that may otherwise
cause float-drop on some window-widths.


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