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Scrolling Table Problems...Text Resizing

Sent by Felix Miata on 25 March 2006 04:04

On 06/03/24 23:13 Adrian Williams apparently typed:

Here's what I see: 300k screenshot hi-res SS setup w/ links
Please note the disclaimer at the bottom of the setup page.

Without turning off your styles, it's hard to tell how much of the table
is inaccessible.

> Would it be worthwhile (possible??) to add a browser check and adjust the
> CSS depending on which browser is being used?  Should I put some kind of
> "disclaimer" to let folks know that it is a fixed font size? What is the
> proper course to take?

The best course to take is to eliminate fixed sized anything and
everything possible. A disclaimer would just make it easier for visitors
to see whether or not they and their browser qualify to use your page.
Better everyone and every standards-compliant browser should qualify.
It's pretty crazy to have a need to scroll and be unable to scroll and
have 40% of the viewport unused.

> There is actually a horizontal scrollbar with the table, but I am simply
> suppressing it by displaying only the number of pixels in the style height
> for the actual table to be viewed, effectively hiding the bar.  Will
> bringing this back out help the issues you highlighted (as far as the
> scrolling goes?)

Suppressing the scrolling makes the page essentially useless as long as
your stylesheet remains fully enabled.
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