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Scrolling Table Problems...Text Resizing

Sent by Adrian Williams on 25 March 2006 04:04

francky wrote:

>I'm not happy with it, but I'm afraid I have have to carry in a new 
>problem (without having a solution...).
>It is called: "visitors have the option to enlarge the font-size in 
>their browser".

Would it be worthwhile (possible??) to add a browser check and adjust the
CSS depending on which browser is being used?  Should I put some kind of
"disclaimer" to let folks know that it is a fixed font size? What is the
proper course to take?

>On the other hand, other browsers (FF) can scale the font-size, and the 
>the right part of the table is scaling outside the viewport: *anyway a 
>scrollbar left-right is needed*!

There is actually a horizontal scrollbar with the table, but I am simply
suppressing it by displaying only the number of pixels in the style height
for the actual table to be viewed, effectively hiding the bar.  Will
bringing this back out help the issues you highlighted (as far as the
scrolling goes?)

As always,

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