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peek-a-boo or something else?

Sent by Jamie Mackay on 25 March 2006 03:03

Just before I consign all IE users to a fixed width page, can anyone help with this annoying bug?
This is site-wide, but you can see it on this page as an example:

in IE6 (and no doubt IE5x) the centre column drops down at particular browser widths as you bring
the window in and out (I've set it to range between about 750-1050px wide). 

My assumption was that this was a peek-a-boo type thing so I've been going through the morass of
style sheets our web design company proivided us with and diligently adding / removing / testing
relative postions, Holly hacks etc on all the divs that have anything to do with floating, but have
had no luck.

What I was hoping is that maybe this particular variant of the bug has a specific cause that someone
would be able to pinpoint.

Any help very much appreciated.


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