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Keep image at bottom of div

Sent by francky on 25 March 2006 01:01

bill scheider wrote:

>I'd like to have an image that sits close to the bottom of the left column
>on this page.
>I've got it there in FF and IE6 on windows but I'm uneasy about the way I
>achieved it. Is there a different, better way?
Hi Bill,
If you change the font-size in the browser, you can se the shoes going 
up and down in the left column: they get their position from the #nav 
above. At enlarging the font-size, the right column is growing more than 
the left one (because more content), and the shoes are going upstairs.
A better way can be to place them in the #footer, and give them a 
negative margin-top. Then they'll stay with both feet on the ground. ;-)


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