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Float Question

Sent by Ed Seehouse on 24 March 2006 23:11

On 3/24/06, Iorhael [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Is it typical when floating to have a situation like this one where I will need to
>use large negative top and level margins to adjust for the right
floated element?
>Using the block outline tool in Firefox I am seeing that the elements
are no where
>close to each other.

It is when you float one block left, and the other right, and they are
both narrower than 50% of the containing block.  Which is what a quick
gander at your code indicates that you seem to have done.

Float everything left and then they will abut one another.  Or float
just one left and give the other no float but a right margin large
enough to put it after the floated element.

Ed Seedhouse
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