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IE display problem(s)

Sent by Holly Bergevin on 24 March 2006 23:11

From: "Connor Boyack" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

>I've changed that, and have a couple more bugs to squash...
>In IE, the min-height isn't recognized.. so on the index.html page, the
>footer is right up underneath it.  How can I get hack the CSS to get IE to
>push the footer down a bit?  

Perhaps set a height? (By the way, your current index.html page does not look as you describe it
above in my IE6.)

>Also, in IE 7b2 (I have 5.5 and 7.. stupid installer for 7 overwrote 6..)

>From what I understand you can undo the install of IE7 easily. I don't have it installed at all, so
I don't know for sure.

>the div with the content on the right (#content) is getting pushed to the
>right by 10-15 pixels or so, and I'm not sure why... and as you'll see, it
>then pushes the entire webpage out to the right to compensate.  Ugly.  Any

Yeah, try doing the rest the things I suggested in my last email, like adding {position: relative;}
to #leftnav and deleting all but one of the declarations you have in your ie.css file, and see if
that doesn't clear up most of the problems for you.

>  (page w/ short content)
> (page w/ long content)

>On 3/24/06, Holly Bergevin [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

>>Then you can make further
>> adjustments from there, such as adding {position: relative;} to #leftnav and
>> getting rid of the following selectors in the ie.css -
>> #container { height:100%; overflow:visible; }
>> #subcontainer{ height:100%; overflow:visible;}
>> #container { margin:0px; padding:15px; width:750px;}
>> #leftnav ul li { padding:0; margin-left:-10px;}
>> #leftnav ul li a { font-size:11px;}
>> #content { float:right; }
>> These changes will give you a more common place to start visually between
>> FF and IE.

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