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IE display problem(s)

Sent by Connor Boyack on 24 March 2006 22:10

Great, thanks for the tip.

I've changed that, and have a couple more bugs to squash...

In IE, the min-height isn't recognized.. so on the index.html page, the
footer is right up underneath it.  How can I get hack the CSS to get IE to
push the footer down a bit?  I don't want to do something like a
margin-bottom, I'm not sure that would work well.. maybe.  Any ideas?

Also, in IE 7b2 (I have 5.5 and 7.. stupid installer for 7 overwrote 6..)
the div with the content on the right (#content) is getting pushed to the
right by 10-15 pixels or so, and I'm not sure why... and as you'll see, it
then pushes the entire webpage out to the right to compensate.  Ugly.  Any

Thanks for your help!

Links:  (page w/ short content) (page w/ long content)

On 3/24/06, Holly Bergevin [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> From: "Connor Boyack" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> >Both pages are now valid XHTML and CSS.  Anybody have any ideas?
> >
> >The links are:
> >
> >  (page w/ short
> content)
> > (page w/ long content)
> Tested on the index.html page -
> Start by getting rid of the following -
> #leftnav, #content{ padding-bottom: 34277px; margin-bottom: -34267px; }
> which is what is giving IE the willies. Then you can make further
> adjustments from there, such as adding {position: relative;} to #leftnav and
> getting rid of the following selectors in the ie.css -
> #container { height:100%; overflow:visible; }
> #subcontainer{ height:100%; overflow:visible;}
> #container { margin:0px; padding:15px; width:750px;}
> #leftnav ul li { padding:0; margin-left:-10px;}
> #leftnav ul li a { font-size:11px;}
> #content { float:right; }
> These changes will give you a more common place to start visually between
> FF and IE.
> I hope that helps,
> ~holly

Connor Boyack
WebVid Productions
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