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CSS pop-up menus

Sent by Bill Moseley on 24 March 2006 22:10

I have a static menu where sub-menus expand.  Only the "active" menu
is expanded -- that is, only one sub-menu displays at a time, as is
commonly done. This is all done server side.

I'd like is to have popup menus for the other menu
items that are not active, and I was looking at doing this with css.

I'm not too concerned with browser support -- as the menu still
functions without a popup.

One place were there's a css popup demo is:

Now, my html structure is a little different.  I have my sub menus
inside an outer <li>, unlike the Meyerweb example.  Because of that, I
assume, and after an hour of messing with it I have not been able to
get it work.

Here's the test I've been working with:

The goal is to have the second submenu display: none; unless there's a
hover on the "Second menu" link.

Seems my <li> wrapping the <ul> submenu is the problem, but that's
part of the styling, of course.

Is there a way I can accomplish a css popup menu and retain my design?


Bill Moseley

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