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Question about ">" and targeting IE/Mac

Sent by Adam Kuehn on 24 March 2006 22:10

Michael Hulse wrote:
>I need to change this:
>* html>body dl.hNav>dd
>to use an ID, like this:
>* html>body #hNav dl>dd

What is your markup?  Based on those selectors, you have moved from 
something like this:

<dl class="hNav"><dd></dd></dl>

To something like this:

<div id="hNav">

Did you mean to move the ID, or did you just replace it, like so:

<dl id="hNav"><dd></dd></dl>

If this last is true, your selector should be this:

* html>body #hNav dd

So you see, it is hard to give you a straight answer unless we see 
the markup, too.


-Adam Kuehn 

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