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Interior div breaking out of relatively positioned container

Sent by Kara Szostek on 24 March 2006 21:09


In IE6/Win, the div "inner-wrap-mid" appears to be breaking out of it's 
container div ("wrap"), which is relatively positioned.  It seems to 
happen inconsistently.

Here it is fine:

Here it is not (note the space in between the end of the text area and 
the curve image at the bottom)

The only difference between these two pages is the amount of text.

The div "inner-wrap-mid" has a transparent png background image that is 
removed for IE6, which is then instructed to use the AlphaImageLoader.  
When the filter is removed, the space is fixed, shown here:

Any suggestions as to why this might be occurring, and what I can do to 
fix it?  The xhtml/css is valid, and changing the doctype from 
transitional to strict didn't fix it.


Kara Szostek

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