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Navigation woes

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 24 March 2006 20:08

Richard Brown wrote:
> Hi Ingo
> On 24 Mar 2006, at 00:16, Ingo Chao wrote:
>> Hope that helps.
>> Is "click to enlarge" meant to sit next to the image?
> Thank you so much for that. It now works perfectly! The click to 
> enlarge is meant to sit underneath and the image is meant to have 
> padding: 5px but with the navigation issue I haven't really looked into 
> it. Any ideas please?
> Thanks once again for all the help I have received.

Ingo is the one answer your question.
In the meantime, try:
1/ adding margin-right: 15px(tweak); to ..imagelink
2/ in the markup, set <br /> before 'click to enlarge'
('enlarge' might be better than 'click to enlarge')
Suggestions about some stuff you did not ask about:
1/ Arial Narrow and Georgia does not a happy marriage make.
Delete that entire font-family string.
Add font-weight: 200; to the selector.
(the captions are now 200 weight Georgia)
2/ The selector needs to have the contrast bumped.
Try #75451F with #000 on hover.
3/ Call the javascript from an external file (do I sound like a broken 
4/ validate the markup
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