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Firefox & floated elements

Sent by Tudor Iordachescu on 24 March 2006 12:12

Hi everybody,

I have a horizontal menu styled out of an ul, with each li floated left and 
containing a link. Everything works fine (I suppose partly because I use the great 
IE7 script from Dean Edwards -, yet there's a 
strange thing happening in Firefox 1.5 (possibly in older ones too, I haven't 
tested yet). All the links when clicked show a dotted selection marker around the 
element that extends all the way to the left of the browser viewport.

Actually, it seems to be true for other floated elements in my pages.

I have studied other similar menus, both their markup and CSS, and found no major 
differences between them and mine, except maybe for the fact that most others wrap 
the ul in an extra div, while I have chosen to set display:block on the ul itself 
and leave out the extra div. Yet the dotted selection of other menus have exactly 
the size of the element, and do not extend all the way to the left.

I don't feel it's something very bad (luckily the client didn't even noticed it), 
but it would be nice to get it perfect.

The menu can be seen at and other floated links that 
show the same behaviour are the photo gallery links on the products page.

Can anyone please tell me what could be the cause of this? Thank you very much.
Tudor Iordachescu

"To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer."
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