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Scrolling Table Problems...Terence, you Rock!!

Sent by francky on 24 March 2006 10:10

Adrian Williams wrote:

>   Man, you rock....your additions were exactly what was needed....that even
>fixed the styling problem I was having with FF...AWESOME!!!
>   Now, the page looks great in both IE and FF...awaiting some input to how
>Safari handles it, but I have checked Opera and there is no scroll bar...not
>really sure I'm overly concerned about it...but if you know of a quick
>solution...I'd be glad to implement it.
>   Now, as if that wasn't challenging enough (for me!) I have to figure out
>how to add another major chunk to this table.  Essentially, I need to add an
>additional 22 columns (more DYS numbers) to the table...but I don't want to
>expand the visible size of the table width.  I know, initial gut says,
>ok...bring out horizontal scroll bar, which is fine, but there is a twist.  
>   Here is the catch...the only portions of the table that I want to scroll
>to the right are the DYS columns, including the header columns...but
>everything left of the solid black line (Haplo Group and those to the left)
>I would like to keep in place...basically so the user can still see whose
>numbers they are looking at.  
>   Is this even possible??
>   And again...thanks so dog-gone-much for the help and putting the work
>into figuring out such an excellent scrolling table solution. 
Hi Adrian,
I'm not happy with it, but I'm afraid I have have to carry in a new 
problem (without having a solution...).
It is called: "visitors have the option to enlarge the font-size in 
their browser".
That is:
The majority of the visitors (i.e. IE-users) cannot enlarge the table of 
this page, for IE is obeing the fixed font-size in the table. As bigger 
the monitor/resolution, the page will be less accessible. On 1280x1024 
it will give a pretty small result :
(window-size of the shot is adapted for better impression when 
viewing)(some have 1600 width, and get even smaller fonts)

On the other hand, other browsers (FF) can scale the font-size, and the 
the right part of the table is scaling outside the viewport: *anyway a 
scrollbar left-right is needed* !
Besides, the scrollbar up-down at the right end ... is not visible, for 
first there has te be scrolled left to right.

And just pulling the table to the right by moving with a mouse-hold, at 
the very end, when the up-down scrollbar is showing, we see a dilatation 
(with the 16px scrollbar-width) for the inner rows in respect to the header.

To end some more optimistic: if it's impossible to get the new scrollbar 
in pure css, I hope it can be done with some javascript. The idea is: 
give each column (in header and cells) a class corresponding to the 
column#, then each column can be toggled on/off with { display : block;} 
/ { display: none; }.
An "onclick" event can hide the first column, and set a variable "once 
clicked". Then with a for-next loop the next columns can be hidden (or 
in steps of, say, 5 columns), as long as you are clicking. Also 
backwards or quick to finish can be made. On screen it can be a kind of 
(Perhaps in this way it's possible too to replace the up-down scrollbar 
by a kind of home-made scrollbar)(then this scrollbuttons can be placed 
outside the table!) (and always visible)(or as well on the left side as 
on the right side).

Keep going!

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