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Font-weight problems

Sent by Felix Miata on 24 March 2006 05:05

On 06/03/13 10:44 [EMAIL-REMOVED] apparently typed:

> My client has a logo "kFA" in which she has the body of the k as
> tall as the FA part. This is in some font which naturally achieves
> this. She wants the same effect throughout her website.

> So first I tried simply putting a BIG tag around the k, which worked
> fine for the sizing but it was heavier and in larger text sizes it
> displayed as bold. 

> So I created a class and put a SPAN around the k, which has 
> font-size: 1.3em and font-weight: 100 (although I have also tried
> font-weight: lighter). 

> It doesn't seem any different! 

> Please have a look and tell me if you see the same thing, especially
> in larger browser text sizes, and if you can help me make it right!


> Any and all clues gladly accepted!

Did you ever resolve this? If not, maybe playing with this might be helpful:
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