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Scrolling Table Problems...Terence, you Rock!!

Sent by Adrian Williams on 24 March 2006 05:05


   Man, you rock....your additions were exactly what was needed....that even
fixed the styling problem I was having with FF...AWESOME!!!

   Now, the page looks great in both IE and FF...awaiting some input to how
Safari handles it, but I have checked Opera and there is no scroll bar...not
really sure I'm overly concerned about it...but if you know of a quick
solution...I'd be glad to implement it.

   Now, as if that wasn't challenging enough (for me!) I have to figure out
how to add another major chunk to this table.  Essentially, I need to add an
additional 22 columns (more DYS numbers) to the table...but I don't want to
expand the visible size of the table width.  I know, initial gut says,
ok...bring out horizontal scroll bar, which is fine, but there is a twist.  

   Here is the catch...the only portions of the table that I want to scroll
to the right are the DYS columns, including the header columns...but
everything left of the solid black line (Haplo Group and those to the left)
I would like to keep in place...basically so the user can still see whose
numbers they are looking at.  

   Is this even possible??

   And again...thanks so dog-gone-much for the help and putting the work
into figuring out such an excellent scrolling table solution. 

As always,
Adrian Williams
Williams DNA Project Administrator
Williams Source Documentation Repository

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Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: [css-d] Scrolling Table Problems...

> OK, incredible brain fart on my end...I gave the localhost addy vs. the
> web
> addy on the is the addy for my troublesome page with the
> scrolling CSS table...
> And for the style sheet


You'll need to account for spacing for the scollbars in other browsers
apart from WinIE.

Since you've used code straight from example, you have part of it there.
However, since your table is very complex (looks good though, nice job), a
slight modification and a new rule would help.

tbody.scrollContent td:last-child { padding-right: 19px; }

thead.fixedHeader th:last-child { padding-right: 19px; }

Typical scrollbars are about 16px in width and height. The extra 3px is
from padding. Also, add 16px to the tbody height and that should hide the
horizontal scrollbar in Firefox. You can tinker with that value to your

html>body tbody.scrollContent { height: 426px; }

- Terence
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