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Scrolling Table Problems...

Sent by Terence Ordona on 24 March 2006 01:01

> OK, incredible brain fart on my end...I gave the localhost addy vs. the
> web
> addy on the is the addy for my troublesome page with the
> scrolling CSS table...
> And for the style sheet


You'll need to account for spacing for the scollbars in other browsers
apart from WinIE.

Since you've used code straight from example, you have part of it there.
However, since your table is very complex (looks good though, nice job), a
slight modification and a new rule would help.

tbody.scrollContent td:last-child { padding-right: 19px; }

thead.fixedHeader th:last-child { padding-right: 19px; }

Typical scrollbars are about 16px in width and height. The extra 3px is
from padding. Also, add 16px to the tbody height and that should hide the
horizontal scrollbar in Firefox. You can tinker with that value to your

html>body tbody.scrollContent { height: 426px; }

- Terence
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