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Taking lowercase rule and running with it

Sent by Christianz on 24 March 2006 00:12

I know that XHTML tags and attributes are supposed to be written in lowercase (i.e., <head>) when
they are actually being used as tags within an XHTML document (meaning between the 'less than' and
'greater than' symbols [or whatever those symbols more technical names are]) but it seems that the
majority of XHTML coders have taken that rule and run with it by putting every mention of XHTML tags
in lowercase, such as in style sheet declarations or in off-handed mentions in every day
conversational writing. I know the following is wrong within an XHTML document:
<IMG SRC="picture.gif" WIDTH="20" HEIGHT="20" ALT="Picture" />
<HR />
but it seems to me the following is perfectly acceptable in a style sheet declaration:
IMG { border: none; }
HR { padding-top: 15px; }
It also helps me when reading a style sheet when mentions of X/HTML tags are in uppercase while id
and class names are lowercase, like so:
H2 #alternate { color: #0066FF; }
I, of course, know it's also fine to put:
h2 #alternate { color: #0066FF; }
but I have seen that type of formatting so often now that it looks like people think they are
holding tight to the 'no uppercase in XHTML' rule as though they are fending off the XHTML police,
when really it's not even relevant to style sheets or in conversational writing, such as in, "We
need to have that header wrapped in an H3 tag rather than in an H2 tag." Or is there really some
official prohibition against uppercase in CSS declarations that I just don't know about?
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