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Scrolling Table Problems...

Sent by Adrian Williams on 23 March 2006 23:11

OK, incredible brain fart on my end...I gave the localhost addy vs. the web
addy on the is the addy for my troublesome page with the
scrolling CSS table...

And for the style sheet

As always,
Adrian Williams
Williams DNA Project Administrator
Williams Source Documentation Repository

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From: Kat Lindsey [EMAIL-REMOVED]] 
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: [css-d] Scrolling Table Problems...

I cant see your pages - it says local host are they on a server?

Kat Lindsey
Student Health Care Center - University of Florida
352-392-1161 ext. 4300

Adrian Williams wrote:

>   I am a newbie to both the list and advanced CSS...I am familiar with the
>basics of CSS but am trying to incorporate what (to me anyway) is a very
>complex CSS feature and am having a slight problem or two with it.
>   Basically, I am trying to use the scrolling table style that Terence
>Ordona (sp?) put together (which is just awesome!) and have hit a couple of
>snags.  Originally, I was trying to use the fixed column (Big 4?) version
>and after pulling out a lot of hair, switched to the Big 3 version...which
>is working for the most part.  Here is the page (look at the bottom):
>   When looking at it in IE, it is a work of art...everything lines up and
>functions beautifully.  However, Firefox gets weird in a couple of ways.
>First, when loading the page in FF, the table sprawls to the right and half
>of it is off the screen. The only thing I have been able to do to deal with
>it is change the page style from basic to none then back to basic
>again...which fixes the problem. So, first question:  what the heck causes
>this and how do I fix it?
>   The second problem is with the last column on my header in FF. It is
>labeled 438.  I cannot figure out how to get the padding setup correctly so
>that it is the same 17px width as the rest.  
>   Finally, the last column of the scrollable area is, for lack of a better
>word, fat.  Every one of the DYS columns should be 17px there
>something I am doing wrong here??
>   My overall CSS sheet is at
>   I really appreciate any help anyone can give me...I have been working on
>this for over a two weeks, trying to fix it on my own without any luck.
>Kind regards,
>Adrian Williams
>Williams DNA Project Administrator
>Williams Source Documentation Repository
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