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IE6 problem - content div jogging down

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 23 March 2006 20:08

Theresa Mesa wrote:
> I am not seeing this problem in the other browsers on either 
> platform. In IE6, the content column is jogging down below the 
> navigation. I haven't checked 5.5. How do I fix this?

Think I caught it.

It looks like the 'italic bug', but I can only make it appear if I
'ignore font-family...' in IE6' accessibility options and get my own

A fix might be to make div#content a few pixels narrower in IE, as the
'italic bug' usually adds some 3px to the width of its container - and
only when the italic text seems to touch the container-edge.

Another fix is to add...

* html #content {overflow-x: hidden;}

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