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newbie: navigation to a division

Sent by Alex Robinson on 23 March 2006 20:08

>I would like to have all of links from both of the navigations link 
>to a <div> which is central and large in the page, between the two 
>navigation bars 'alpha' and 'beta'.

The following page here from the css-d wiki will get you started on 
the road to recreating the look of frames with CSS.

However, you should take note of the fact that recreating the look of 
frames is not the same as recreating the functionality of frames.

You should understand that you can't link to a <div>. That's not how 
HTML or CSS works. You can link to an <iframe> but that's a different 
type of beast entirely and brings with it accessibilty and validation 

And if you're just starting out I would seriously recommend that you 
get a thorough understanding of CSS and HTML first before embarking 
on what amounts to a much more ambitious project.
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