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[ADMIN - OFF TOPIC] Re: linking lists into multiple pages

Sent by Alex Robinson on 23 March 2006 19:07

>Does anyone know of a way to link a list like this to multiple pages.
>That way I can make a change on the "master" list and have it applied to
>every page on which it is linked?

Yes, use server-side includes or a scripting language such as php or 
perl, or whatever in-built tools come with your editor if you're 
using something like Dreamweaver.

However, this question has nothing to do with CSS, and I'd ask list 
members to address any answers/comments they might have to Laura 
directly off list.

Laura, you would have better luck sending your question to a list 
like theList or Webdesign-L. See for details.

Alex Robinson
css-d moderator
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