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Site check please...

Sent by Webmaster on 23 March 2006 19:07

>OK! It's done. I've checked it in Safari (developed on OSX), on
>FireFox and in Linux, but not on Win IE, so please be kind if you find
>a problem. This is a 100% CSS site with just enough .PHP to switch
>pages, a complete rewrite from a very table oriented web page.
>This is a completely volunteer project and I've spent hundreds of
>hours over the years keeping this site up to date and rel event, so
>help me out by taking a look and giving me some feedback.
>Thanks in advance...
>Keith D Kaiser -- Venturing Roundtable Commissioner

Hello Keith,
Well, before I can really help answer how it works (or my opinions of said link) I would really need
to know what it really is you are trying to achieve with the site?
For instance, before you can verify that all the CSS is valid, you must first correct the XHTML
coding. First page alone returned "Failed validation, 13 errors".
That being said, the CSS seems to work properly in my FireFox on Wintel PC, but in IE your CSS drop
downs cause problems (border lines from the "Be A Star" content box are cutting through it, etc.)
Also, just wanted to let you know that it all seems to scale properly when adjusting the text size
in both browsers.
If you were looking for any opinions on the layout, accessability, etc. I have other suggestions,
but that is something that was not pointed out in the request and as such will only comment on the
IE performance.


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