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Rounded corners and Transparent GIFs

Sent by tedd on 23 March 2006 19:07

>For my next trick, I'll need a div with rounded corners on top of a
>textured background.  Any volunteers from the audience?
>My launch pad was this ALA article:
>I was skeptical about this being possible at all, but here is my
>stubborn progress:
>The div must be elastic horizontally and vertically.  The problem is
>that the when the corner images overlap, the transparent corners are
>blocked out, leaving a rectangular corner.  Try shrinking the text and
>watching what happens to the bottom left corner.
>Here is a shortcut to the ALA article's explanation of how the images
>are sliced:
>This would be very easy to arrange with tables, but that would be
>embarassing.  I've been trying to place one horizontal and one
>veritcal box with white backgrounds behind the main div, but have been
>so far unsuccessful.  Here's a quick mockup:
>I just want a nice clean box with rounded, transparent corners.  All
>that I have found so far has been pain!
>Michael Clayton


Transparent corners are fine, but it's the background that's the problem.

I know you'll say "Hey it's transparent!", but I'm talking about the 
pixels that are the closest to the transparency, which to do it 
right, should be anti-aliased to *some* background.

If you want simple rounded corners, try this:


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