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some progress, more questions...IE(mac) scroll missing, IE(win) jumping

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 23 March 2006 18:06

Michael wrote:


> 1.  IE (mac)  I lost the horizontal scroll bar before.  Now I am 
> missing the vertical!  I thought I found the solution in a search but
>  I could not figure out where to put the Holly 1% height because of 
> the relative inside an absolute.

a: do not apply the 'Holly hack' to IE/Mac. It doesn't need it and it
doesn't interpret it well.

b: IE/Mac is pretty lost with that kind of "stretched column" layout.

For now it seems like...

body {overflow: auto;}
..column {margin-bottom: 0; padding-bottom: 0;}
/**/ the best option - even with those scroll-bars. Put the entire
IE/Mac hack last of all styles, and keep on looking for suitable
re-styling and corrections for IE/Mac only.

> 2.  FireFox (win)  Resizing (dragging) the window vertically causes 
> the right column to jump in, perhaps to the minimum size?  Resizing 
> it horizontally is ok and suddenly fixes the problem.  Careful 
> movement can freeze it wrong.

Probably the usual, old, FF-bug that is messing up that layout method.
Seems ok in Firefox

> 3.  IE (win)  The right column overflows the footer and the window 
> flickers on resizing.

Same footer-problem in Opera 9tp2.
Can't see anything but the flickering caused by the usual slowness in

#footer {position: relative; background: #fff;}

....looks like an alright fix for IE and Opera.

> I suspect many of my problems are caused by my attempt to make the 
> grey on the right column extend down to the footer.

Most of them, I think :-)
OTOH: the "stretched column" layout will probably work well in most new
browsers. It's the slightly older browsers/versions that may cause
problems - for obvious reasons, so if you need to support those then a
more ordinary 'faux-column' layout will be easier to work with.
'Faux-columns' will always stretch as far as needed - and no further.

> Any suggestions on how I might find these problems on my own, such as
>  a testing strategy or away to think of the code, would be 
> appreciated.  I add and then check for any breaks.

No problem... as long as you keep track of what causes each break -
browser-bugs or weaknesses, or bad code. Not always easy to sort out.

> Perhaps I should keep my CSS inline with the page until I get it to 
> work and then move it external?

Well, maybe you are splitting it up a bit too much at the moment, but
external CSS is ok at this, and any, stage.

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