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some progress, more questions...IE(mac) scroll missing, IE(win) jumping

Sent by Michael on 23 March 2006 15:03

First my thanks to Georg and davidLaakso for helping me along with my  
first try.

This is how far I have gotten after another six days:  (the image is there to  
show hidden behavior) 
site4.css                        text appearance                 
rightnav.css                  right nav appearance

both html and CSS validate except for the zoom...

1.  IE (mac)  I lost the horizontal scroll bar before.  Now I am  
missing the vertical!  I thought I found the solution in a search but  
I could not figure out where to put the Holly 1% height because of  
the relative inside an absolute.

2.  FireFox (win)  Resizing (dragging) the window vertically causes  
the right column to jump in, perhaps to the minimum size?  Resizing  
it horizontally is ok and suddenly fixes the problem.  Careful  
movement can freeze it wrong.

3.  IE (win)  The right column overflows the footer and the window  
flickers on resizing.

I suspect many of my problems are caused by my attempt to make the  
grey on the right column extend down to the footer.

Any suggestions on how I might find these problems on my own, such as  
a testing strategy or away to think of the code, would be  
appreciated.  I add and then check for any breaks.  Perhaps I should  
keep my CSS inline with the page until I get it to work and then move  
it external?

Comments on code and even color always appreciated...

Thank you for looking,


Michael Sands
1652 Kennewick Drive
Sunnyvale, CA  94087

+1 408-773-1170

The Sands Mechanical Museum

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