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Site check please...

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 23 March 2006 14:02

Mike Davies wrote:
> The page appears correctly in Opera 7.54 and nearly correct in 
> IE5.0/Windows. There are a couple of things with Firefox :

Comment: those browsers are a bit old now. If Firefox is just as old
then that's probably the reason for those "things", as I can't see
anything wrong in Firefox
Advice: upgrade all browsers to the latest, stable, versions. Keep some
older versions for testing - if you can - and have to.

> IE5 has a narrow gap above the nav bar which I think might be a 
> margin error somewhere.

No. IE/win has 'inline' as default-style on images - creating a gap
below the header-image.
#headimage {display: block;}

> I would also like to add a colour bar at top and bottom of #pagewidth
>  but have tried both margin-top/margin-top-color and 
> border-top/border-top-color but neither work in any browser.

You have just not spelled it out correctly. Also; margins don't take
colors. A border will do.

Try this...

#pagewidth { border: solid 5px #694105; border-width: 5px 1px 0 1px ;}

....which is a 'shorthand' version followed by specific border-width.

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