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Site check request please

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 23 March 2006 06:06

Webmaster wrote:
> Hello,
> I just finished working on all the front-end scripting and such for a 
> redesign of my site which can be found temporarily at 
> .
> Things to keep in mind would be that none of the back-end stuff works 
> yet, so my mail form and the CSS theme switcher
Personal opinion: ditch the theme switcher-- I want to know you-- not 
what you might do to please me.
>  are just mock-ups. Also, 
> the Lab section at the top has not been completed.
> Besides those notes I make heavy use of DOM Scripting with JavaScript 
> (which should all degrade gracefully), XHTML and CSS.
Cool. Well, the xhtml/css part anyway(yet another personal opinion).
> Any help (or comments and feedback) would be very much appreciated.
You've got valid css and markup, and a solid well functioning 
cross-browser layout.
Who are you afraid of? Have some fun with it. It would take a print 
media designer an hour or more to do what you can with css in 5 minutes.
This is nothing to write home about, BTW-- just an attempt to get to 
lighten up:<>
> Cheers,
> D.


Typography exists to honor content. 
--Robert Bringhurst

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