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Site check request please

Sent by Webmaster on 23 March 2006 04:04

I just finished working on all the front-end scripting and such for a 
redesign of my site which can be found temporarily at
I was hoping some of you may take the time to check it out to test for 
any cross-platform glitches or the like. I have tested it successfully 
in Firefox and IE6 on a Windows PC. At the moment, I have not had the 
chance to verify the site with my Linux PC but a friend had checked it 
in OSX's Safari to a supposed success (I was not able to verify what he 
saw as he did not send any screen shots).
Things to keep in mind would be that none of the back-end stuff works 
yet, so my mail form and the CSS theme switcher are just mock-ups. Also, 
the Lab section at the top has not been completed.
Besides those notes I make heavy use of DOM Scripting with JavaScript 
(which should all degrade gracefully), XHTML and CSS.
Any help (or comments and feedback) would be very much appreciated.

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