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dynamic div heights

Sent by Diona Kidd on 23 March 2006 04:04

Ian, David,

I appreciate the replies. Ian, could you send the HTML for the CSS code
you sent (or maybe a link) so I could get a better idea of the solution
you use? Also, what browser are you seeing the menu go white on? I'm using
Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X. What are you using?

David, I would love to get rid of the font-sizing gizmo but it's not my
design. Your suggestions make a lot of sense...I'll give them a try.

I did find something new today...using line-height set the same size as
the block element to vertically center the content. I used this in the
global menu and a few other spots.

Also, does anyone know what *width does? I've seen this in some
stylesheets and am curious.

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