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Problem with a background in IE

Sent by francky on 23 March 2006 03:03

kuasar wrote:

>I don't why I placed a background:
>background: #ffffff url("http://url_of_image.png") top left no-repeat;
>to a certain div and it shows perfectly on firefox but not on IE 6 (I don't
>know about other versions) where the background remains white.
>Why does this happen? Why isn't my image appearing on IE ?
>Any suggestions?
Hi Kuasar,
Without a link to a (test) problem page it's not good possible to make a 
100% analysis, but I've some suggestions.
Did you try the same with a gif- or jpg-image, and did that show in IE 
or didn't it? - I'm quite sure IE is showing that, as there are no 
problems with the img-link (for FF is displaying the img).
And when you place the img directly in the html instead of as a 
background-img, what does IE do? I suppose nothing again...

I should guess the reason is the png-character: IE has issues with 
proper displaying (semi-transparent) png's. There are different hacks to 
solve them. With a quick search I didn't find something in the css-WIKI, 
but as a start: an IE-working example is in this testpage 
<> - 
in Dutch, but the most link aren't. ;-) 
More about? Google has lots of pages 
<> about 
this theme.

And maybe there is a workaround with using a gif instead of a png, 
dependent of the needs of the page. - I found: there can be possible 
more then at first sight (testpage 
scroll left-right to see the effect; and compare with the gif in the 
linked page over there).

Hope this can help,

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